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Enhance and extend the completion horizon in ERD and high step out wells. The CasingSWIVEL provides a low-risk addition to the work string that pushes casings, liners, and the completion string further in ERD wells.

A permanent addition to the casing string, this tool allows the upper casing section to be rotated independently from the lower section to reduce friction while running in hole. This reduction in drag allows the completion to be run farther than by sliding only.


Download Drilling & Deployment Tri-Fold



Heavy duty bearing pack allowing rotation for 32 hours with 50 tons of load in both tension and compression

One-way clutch allowing rotation to the right but is locked to the left



Full drift ID to match completion or casing

Matched to client string specifications; and high specification (3000 psi) rotary permanent seals with the addition of swellable back up in some sizes

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