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A multi-function tool typically located directly above the drilling BHA, the TornadoSWIVEL is run in the locked mode and the tool acts as a drill collar pup while drilling.

When activated with differential pressure, the tool unlocks and becomes a swivel allowing the drill string above to be rotated – while anything below the tool remains stationary.

Rotation of the drill string mitigates virtually all axial drag along the string. The TornadoSWIVEL can be functioned multiple times so if BHA becomes free it can be locked up to carry on drilling or functioned as required to aid with hole cleaning.

Currently functioned by pumping pig, dart or ball to seat and shearing out to resume circulation.


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Rated to 10,000 psi with 600 klbs tension and compressive load rating on bearings
(static condition)

The premium heavy-duty bearing pack allows continuous rotation for 24 hours at 60
rpm with 150 tonnes load in tension or compression and up to 200 rpm with 25
tonnes load

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