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A smart stabilizer equipped with PDC cutters on a beveled profile to help maintain gauge of wellbore. With its PDC cutters and gauge-reaming roller cutters, the tool prevents costly stuck pipe situations and enhances hole quality, improving ROP and reducing NPT, while minimizing torque and smoothing out related fluctuations.

The GunDRILL Reamer reduces torque when compared to conventional fixed blade stabilizers and allows holes to be re-opened to avoid stuck pipe due to borehole problems, reduces NPT related to POOH, and lessens heavy back reaming in mobile and transient formations. One of our most flexible products, the tool can be configured as uni-directional for back reaming, bi-directional for back and front reaming, or if sliding is expected, it offers a directional variant with flat TCIs.


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A fully customizable eccentric reamer with unique PDC layout designed to enlarge the wellbore while drilling.

The absence of moving parts allows for hole enlargement with increased downhole reliability. The tool smoothes POOH and prevents costly stuck pipe situations due to borehole problems, eliminates dedicated wiper trips and mitigates tripping issues associated with key seats and micro doglegs. The Eccentric GunDRILL Reamer ensures the smooth deployment of casing during well construction operations, reduces casing running times and provides security against sticking downhole – providing the string can be rotated.

Available in straight and spiral blade options.



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The Roller GunDRILLReamer (RGDR) is a drilling enhancement tool that combines the top advantages of the GunDRILL Reamer and the TorqAVENGER in one high performing tool to improve hole quality and reduce casing/completions running times while minimizing torque and smoothing out fluctuations.

It helps maintain the gauge of the wellbore in cases of severe swelling and/or borehole instability.

With its PDC cutters and gauge-reaming roller cartridges, the Roller GunDRILL Reamer improves drilling efficiencies, allowing the BHA to be pulled to surface, safely overcoming tight spots and difficult intervals.

The Roller GunDRILL Reamer yields a perfectly reamed borehole, transmits WOB and torque, mitigates torque fluctuations and stick slip problems.


Bi-directional PDC cutting structure Heavy duty cutting structure Neck TCIs
Large mud-ways flow area
Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI)


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