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While drilling ahead in vertical hole sections, there are significant challenges to overcome such as stalling, stick/slip and high shock and vibrations.

The PileDRIVER helps to prevent these issues by autonomously mitigating extreme weight on bit and pressure events using an internal hydraulic compensation mechanism as well as a robust mechanical dampening system.

Innovex is the exclusive distributor for PowerGLIDE outside the US. For US enquiries contact Downhole Well Solutions



Optimizes drilling performance

Increases ROP by providing consistent weight on bit

Extends life of both motor and bit by mitigating differential and WOB spikes

Decreases risk of damage to MWD by substantially dampening excessive shock and vibration

Fully mechanical design is completely manufactured in-house

12 inch stroke length allows tool to be ran within a wide range of WOB and motor parameters

Proprietary hydraulic compensation system

Potential to reuse across multiple wells


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