Non-Rotating Stabilizers Product Link Icon

The Logan Non-Rotating Stabilizer centralizes the cutter assembly and improves performance in casing-cutting and well-abandonment operations. The mandrel can accommodate different sizes of stabilizer blades, depending on the casing ID. Milled flutes along the length of the blade provide a bypass path for fluid and cuttings. Available in fixed blade and variable blade options.

Junk Mills Product Link Icon

Logan Junk Mills are hard-faced with sintered tungsten carbide particles that mill away stuck fish that cannot be retrieved using conventional fishing methods. These tools are highly resistant to impact and their super rates of penetration result in fewer round trips. Their maximum useful life is enhanced by their self-sharpening feature.

T-Dog Overshots Product Link Icon

The Logan T-Dog Overshot is designed to catch collared pipe or tubing and is releasable. The release operation may be repeated several times without damaging the tool’s ability to re-engage.

Rotary Shoes Product Link Icon

Logan Rotary Shoes are designed in various styles and sizes to service the many different conditions encountered in fishing and washover operations. Hard-faced dressing material is used to form the cutting or milling surfaces on the Rotary Shoes that are subjected to high abrasion and severe impact.

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