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Our full range of packer penetrator solutions meet your pressure requirements, well bore conditions, and casing program designs.

A robust stock of inventory secures short lead times and onsite field support by our certified technicians ensure success on every ESP well completion.


Standard and Slim-Line Packer Penetrator Product Link Icon

Our standard packer penetrator design features a small 1.25” OD annular space requirement to make up the ESP cable above and below the packer; and the Slim-Line Packer Penetrator requires only 1.00” of annular space. This ultra slim design allows for versatility in tight well designs and supports the full range of ESP pumps currently on the market.

Harsh Environment Penetrator Product Link Icon

When H2S content exceeds 15,000 PPM (1.52%), Innovex recommend the Harsh Environment Penetrator design. H2S exposure testing helped determine design enhancements and the appropriate selection of material to ensure the highest level of performance.

Tri-Lead MLE Packer Penetrator Product Link Icon

In extremely harsh wells, we recommend the Tri-Lead MLE Packer Penetrator to eliminate connections below the ESP Packer. This tool offers up to twice the run life – when compared to others on the market – in the harshest fields around the world. The Motor Lead Extension (MLE) is run continuously from the ESP through the packer utilizing a metal-to-metal seal on top of the packer.

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