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The RzrCAT Frac Plug utilizes a patented design to provide a 10,000 psi frac plug with significantly less material than a traditional plug.

The result is competent frac isolation that drastically reduces the amount of debris to remove from the well after the frac operation.

The hybrid composite and dissolvable structure combined with small ceramic buttons for the anchor provide mill times up to 70% faster than traditional plugs and breaks into small pieces.


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RzrFRAC by Innovex speeds up mill out and reduces debris by using 70% less material in its fully composite construction.

With less material to remove from the wellbore, there is less wear on the milling BHA, enabling more plugs to be removed with a single run.

The innovative seal design eliminates hard to mill rubber elements, which also reduces risk during pump down, lessens mill times, eliminates 50% of the hardened material needed on a traditional plug and provides the highest value to the operator as it takes the next step in plug performance.


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The Innovex B2 Frac Plug utilizes industry leading dissolvable technology to provide a dependable, cost-effective dissolving frac plug that leaves no metal to be cleaned out of the wellbore post-frac – resulting in easier lateral cleanouts and valuable time savings for operators.


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The Tomcat All Composite Frac Plug utilizes high-strength composite components to provide a dependable, durable, and cost-effective design for temporary zonal isolation during multi-stage completions in both vertical and horizontal wells.

All Composite frac plugs are constructed from molded or machined composites with composite upper and lower slips, ensuring fast drill out time while remaining highly reliable.

The Tomcat All Composite frac plug is compatible with the Baker #20 or Owens Compact Setting Tool. The shear cap is also designed to allow the ball to be placed inside the adapter, which eliminates the need to pump the ball from surface.

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