KT-2 On/Off Tool Product Link Icon

The Innovex KT-2 On/Off Tool is designed to be run with the KS1-XW Packer to allow the removal of the tubing string without affecting the packer. The bonded seal in the On/Off Tool allows isolation at the packer.


  • Rugged bonded seal allows multiple connections
  • Stingers available with or without profiles
  • May be shear pinned for secure running

Landing Nipple Product Link Icon

Allows for slickline plugs to be set inside, turning the Production Packer into a Bridge Plug for isolation as needed in open-hole and cased wellbores.


Pumpout Sub Product Link Icon

Innovex’s Pumpout Sub allows isolation of the tubing string from the annulus and can be sheared out by increasing tubing pressure to establish communication below the packer.

Downhole Shutoff Valve Product Link Icon

The Innovex Downhole Shut-Off Valve offers the capability of holding pressure from above or below. It is opened or closed by rotation of the tubing.


  • Large bore to allow running P-T bombs, perforating guns, etc.
  • Smooth bore to avoid pressure drops and turbulence which might result in erosion
  • Mechanical operation makes valve insensitive to pressure variations in tubing or annulus
  • Valve is compatible with Lok-Set, “TSN”, and Permanent Packers so that tubing can be left in tension, compression, or neutral
  • Resilient seal for low-pressure
  • Metal-to-metal seal for high pressure
  • Valve option for H2S and C02 Service and has a temperature rating of 300°F and corrosion-resistant alloys

Downhole Swivel Joint Product Link Icon

The Innovex Downhole Swivel Joint allows rotation of the tubing string even when the section below is stuck. Thrust bearings are incorporated in the joint to reduce friction when the tubing is in tension or compression during rotation.

The Downhole Swivel Joint is often used below an Innovex Tubing Anchor/Catcher when the tailpipe will be in mud to facilitate rotation required to set the anchor.

Hydraulic Tubing Drain Product Link Icon

The Hydraulic Tubing Drain is designed to provide a means of equalizing pressures between the tubing and annulus by simply over-pressurizing the tubing string to a pre-set point.

When the pre-set point is reached, a set of shear pins will break and the external sleeve will move down to uncover the ports in the inside nipple. The pressure differential that causes the shear pins to break is adjustable by adding or subtracting shear screws from the sleeve. The drain is available in most common tubing sizes. Opening pressure is generally adjustable between 1,500 and 3,500 psi.

Pressure Balanced Equalizing Valve Product Link Icon

The Pressure Balanced Equalizing Valve is designed to permit certain packers to run as solid element bridge plugs.

With this equalizing valve attached above, a mechanically set locking packer can be left in the well to serve as a bridge plug during remedial operations. The pressure balanced valve is then opened prior to retrieval, allowing differential pressure to be equalized before the packer is released. The LSOF Overshot is used to run and retrieve the pressure balanced equalizing valve.

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