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Improve the probability of casings and liners reaching TD when rotation cannot be applied. The NaviSHOE aids in rotating the end of casings and liners to reach planned TD.

The tool converts simple casing reciprocation into an indexing rotation at the tool allowing it to orientate the nose over or past obstructions anywhere in the well. The NaviSHOE offers the flexibility to run on cemented or un-cemented casing strings, completions, liners, and sand control screens. This tool is run as a replacement for your standard float or guide shoe. Offers fast drill out. Has no components to drill out other than the eccentric aluminum nose, therefore reducing drilling inside casing time and protecting BHA.



Can be used on cemented or un-cemented casings strings, completions, liners, and sand control screens

Available in most standard casing/liner versus open-hole combinations

Drill out ID matches casing being run

Download Specialty Deployment Tri-Fold

Flow by areas have been maximized for circulation and cementation

Strength to suit casing specifications supplied with customer specified casing connections

Continuous ratchet with higher strength than connection

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