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Extend current well construction boundaries on ERD and highly deviated wells using the unique and proprietary SwivelMASTER technology.

The SwivelMASTER is a drill pipe or workstring deployed tool that resolves potential sticking and loss of hookload on drill strings by allowing the upper string to be rotated without rotation or torque being applied to the string or BHA below. A lockable mechanism also allows full torque to be transmitted to the BHA below. The result is a dramatic reduction in workstring friction above the SwivelMASTER.

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Provides additional reservoir exposure and drainage

Enables wells from fixed locations to access by-passed oil

Reduces cost and risk. Removes the need for other friction reduction tools (like sub-based friction reduction tools)

Eliminates stick slip when deploying critical components such as whipstocks and multi-lateral completions

Increases length of open hole completion

Facilitates offshore well development from onshore or artificial island rig sites

Eliminates drag and provides force required for firing jars

Allows retrieval of equipment that would have been lost in hole by reducing drag in tension


Available in multiple variations including Single Shot, Multi-Function and Non-Hydraulic

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