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We offer a comprehensive suite of zonal isolation solutions for global wellbore applications accompanied by responsive service to address your challenges.

Isolation performance in every application is optimized using standard and custom tools like our Inflatable Casing Packers (ICP) and are always supported by skilled engineering, thorough job planning, and excellent onsite supervision.

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Expertly designed and field proven, our ICP tools are engineered to perform in cemented wellbores and open hole completions for a broad scope of applications including cement integrity, selective reservoir stimulation, and isolation of oil, gas, geothermal, and water zones. Installed in the casing/wellbore annulus or casing/casing annulus.

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The Slip-on ICP technology provides a reliable and efficient solution for zonal isolation. The tool is designed to apply directly onto the customer’s casing, eliminating the need for a mandrel.

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