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The dependable Logan Hydraulic Wireline Jar utilizes a hydraulic system that permits controlled jarring in measuring line or stranded wireline operations when electrical continuity below the jar is not required. Such operations include permanent well completion services; setting and pulling gas lift valves, chokes, and other retrievable downhole tubing equipment; and cable services such as swabbing, bailing, and fishing.

Tubular Wireline Jars Product Link Icon

The simple and rugged Logan Tubular Wireline Jar is designed for use in combination with the Logan Hydraulic Wireline Jar or by itself as a separate tool. The combination of tools is particularly useful in permanent well completion operations when the ability to jar both ways must be positively assured. It is a straight-pull actuated jar and has no restricted stroke.

Wireline Spare Parts Product Link Icon

Replacement parts for Logan Oil Tools hydraulic and manual line wipers and control heads. Also, replacement parts for measuring line stuffing boxes.

Hydraulic Rod Jars Product Link Icon

Logan Hydraulic Rod Jars provide a dependable means for controlled jarring in sucker rod operations when electrical continuity or circulation to the tools or below the jar is not required. Its simple hydraulic system permits the operator to control the intensity of the blow ranging from a light blow to one of terrific force.

Flexible Sinker Bar Assemblies Product Link Icon

The Logan Flexible Sinker Bar Assembly is designed for use during wireline stripping operations on drilling rigs that utilize top drive systems. The wire rope construction provides flexibility in the wire rope sinker bar assembly and alleviates the problems encountered when forcing a rigid type sinker bar assembly around the top drive housing. The slim-line rope socket provides clearance for running inside the drill pipe and is configured for large diameter wire rope to provide increased sinker bar weight.

T-Bar Wireline Clamping Tools Product Link Icon

The Logan T-Bar Wireline Clamping Tool is designed for wireline diameters up to 17/32” and wireline breaking strength of 24,500 pounds. Improved design features such as anti-shear on the upper clamp segment, increased support for wireline inserts, and increased T-bar body flange thickness, enhance the tool’s safety during use in the field while maintaining the tool’s proven existing capabilities.

Flo-Tubes Product Link Icon

Innovex manufactures and supplies Logan l44906 Flo-Tubes for grease injection control heads. After analyzing the industry’s supply and demand of Flo-Tubes, a true need for a reliable and responsive source for this product was revealed, a source that could address the demand, and quickly dispatch the sizes and quantities needed in the field.

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