Full Circle Releasing Spears Product Link Icon

Logan Full Circle Releasing Spears are used to internally engage and retrieve all sizes of tubing, drill pipe, and casing. It may be used with internal cutters for cut and pull operations. Full Circle Releasing Spears are designed to evenly distribute expansion strain over a long vertical section of a fish and ensure positive internal engagement. The design of the slips and the effect of the body tapers upon the slips permits tremendous pulling and jarring strains with no danger of distortion to the fish.

Segmented Spear Grapple Assemblies Product Link Icon

The Logan Segmented Spear Grapple enhances the spear’s usefulness by providing an extended catching range beyond the maximum range of the standard one-piece grapple. The segment-type spear grapple consists of a grapple body, eight grapple segments, two retainer rings, six retainer ring screws, six retainer ring spacers, and sixteen grapple segment screws.

Taper Taps Product Link Icon

Logan Rotary Taper Taps are the simplest, and the most economical, internal catch fishing tools designed for retrieving a fish from the hole. They are available in an assortment of sizes, lengths, and connections, or can be custom-made to customer specifications.

Standard Releasing Spears Product Link Icon

Logan Standard Releasing Spears provide a positive means to engage and retrieve an internal fish from the well. The design of this rugged, dependable, and inexpensive internal catch fishing tool ensures positive engagement, easy release, and re-engagement such as pack-off assemblies and internal cutters.

Packer Retriever Spears Product Link Icon

The Logan Packer Retriever Spear is designed to remove drillable full-bore packers from the well casing. With appropriate dressing, the tool can mill through the packer if necessary. It will always remain in the proper catching position once it is through the packer to engage the lower end of the packer, thereby enabling a one-trip milling and recovery operation. The tool can be released and re-engaged and may also be run with a jarring assembly.

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