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Innovex’s LiftSmart Surface Controlled Gas Lift System is the first and only cost-efficient, simple system featuring gas lift valves that operate independently of downhole and applied pressure.

LiftSmart’s unique hydraulic system was designed for a single point of injection enabling a more efficient and optimal lift performance and allows customers to inject as much pressure and gas as needed at any point of their gas lift program.


The Autonomous Surface Control System continuously monitors wellbore conditions and utilizes data to determine optimum valve position.

  • Able to operate without human intervention

    Monitors wellbore conditions (Tubing Pressure, Casing Pressure)

    Configurable for interface with downhole P\T gauges

    Embedded logic continuously monitors wellbore conditions and determines optimum valve position

    Capable of connection to SCADA via Modbus

    Self-Contained System

    Solar Powered

    Battery Pack ~ 30 days of operating capability

    Hydraulic Fluid, Pump, Pressure sensors and valves to modulate pressure on control lines


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With Innovex’s Gas Lift Service Solutions, clients can call on us to provide full support from designing systems and furnishing tools, all the way to installation.

From kickoff throughout the life of the well, our gas lift service solutions will help to optimize operations regardless of changing well conditions, resulting in consistent and predictable production output.

Innovex keeps a ready stock of our gas lift wellheads to support your needs. Our hangers and adapters support standard cowls and include capillary line porting as a standard feature. They also have the option to utilize additional solutions to allow for continuous tech wire and capillary line.

Innovex also stocks a unique solution allowing operators to run an ESP and Gas Lift with the same wellhead equipment. This solution eliminates the additional wellhead equipment and onsite construction costs needed to modify flowlines, resulting in tremendous savings.

Our Innovex certified field service technicians can support the complete installation and facilitate a smooth recompletion.

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