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The Orio Toe Sleeve is a hydraulically operated sliding sleeve run near the toe of a horizontal well and allows the casing to be tested to surface pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Once a successful test is achieved, the toe sleeve is opened at a predetermined pressure allowing communication to the formation and a high injection rate to facilitate subsequent plug and perf operations.

The unique and patented three-layer design keeps all the moving parts encapsulated and protected from the wellbore environment, ensuring that the sleeve, once activated, is always fully open.


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The Orio 3D Toe Sleeve is a metering sliding sleeve that shares the advantages of the Orio family, such as the patented 3-layer design to keep all moving parts protected from the wellbore environment, with the added feature of our proprietary debris management system and metering device to precisely control the opening time and pressure.

Once a successful test is achieved, the Orio 3D Toe Sleeve opens at a predetermined time at, or below, the casing test pressure. Temperature, annular pressure and cement have no effect on the opening pressure of the tool.

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The HydraSTART STV single-start toe valve eliminates the need for tubing conveyed perforating by providing a simple and reliable hydraulically actuated injection path. The simple, three-piece design, highly engineered seals ensure the sleeve operates reliably.


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The Innovex Wet Shoe System adds a reliable component to cementing operations and provides simple and easy toe initiation using a series of cement plugs and a ball seat.

The modular design features a 2 or 3 plug system for creating the wet shoe, while reducing the length of shoe track required to start the completion operation.

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