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The Logan Core Type Junk Basket is an easy-to-use junk retrieval tool designed to effectively remove small objects such as bit cones, slips, hand tools, and tail chains from the hole. The Junk Basket consists of a top sub, barrel, type A mill shoe, and an upper and lower catcher. The short fingers of the upper catcher are designed to break the core that has been cut by the mill shoe. The combination of short and long fingers of the lower catcher are designed to trap and retrieve the core and junk. Both catchers are free revolving within the mill shoe, eliminating any breakage of the catcher fingers.

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Logan Junk Catcher Assemblies have a steel body design that provides greater strength and durability. The alternately long and short fingers of the junk catcher assembly extend almost to the center of the basket to form a close-fitting receptacle that will retain small pieces of junk that may impede drilling progress or hold a core sample.

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The Logan Fishing Magnet is designed to retrieve small metal, oddly shaped objects from the bottom of the wellbore. Typically, these objects are the result of bit failures, an accumulation of mill cuttings, or simply accidental droppings of unmillable objects. In almost all these cases, the fish cannot be engaged in the normal manner. Fishing magnets successfully remove these objects from the hole. The tool’s design features generous circulation ports that wash away cuttings and other debris that might interfere with or prevent contact with the magnet. A variety of guides are available to accommodate any retrieval situation.

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Utilizing the principal of reverse fluid circulation, the Logan Reverse Circulation Junk Basket has been designed to remove all types of small junk objects from the hole. The tool’s drain feature eliminates pulling a wet string. Even when the tool is fitted with a magnet insert, reverse circulation is maintained.

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The Logan Full Flow Reverse Circulation Junk Basket is similar to the reverse circulation junk basket. The unique difference is the Full Flow Valve Assembly that enables continuous circulation through the center thereby keeping out shale and debris while running in the hole. Premature reverse flow action caused by clogged valves is eliminated. The tool’s drain feature eliminates pulling a wet string.

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The Logan Ditch Magnet is the most effective means available to trap and remove metal particles from drilling mud missed by the shale shaker. The Ditch Magnet will capture all magnetized metals. During milling operations, the magnet is particularly valuable for the removal of mill cuttings and debris that cause wear on mud pumps and other equipment. It eliminates the problems caused by harmful debris returned downhole and is equally effective in both washover and fishing jobs.

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