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Innovex’s Tubing Anchor/Catcher is a rugged anchor that employs drag blocks (rather than drag springs) and fully enclosed large cross-section slips for maximum safety.

It has a tension shear release that is easily adjustable in the field. The tool can be picked up and set down multiple times to ensure a tight set.


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The Innovex Anchor Catcher (Lockdown) is set and released with only right-hand rotation.

Quarter turn rotation at the tool is used to set or release.
Once set, the tubing string can be landed in tension and vertical movement of the tubing string is eliminated. When normal releasing is not possible, an adjustable, emergency release requires only a straight pull.

With the optional no-torque slip installed, right hand rotation of the tubing string is prevented, with the rotation required to release the Lockdown Anchor Catcher unaffected. This allows the anchor to be used with progressive cavity pumps.


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The Dual-String Anchor provides a means of anchoring the second or short tubing string in a dual completion.

It consists of two parts:

An anchor body with long-string connection threads on one side, top and bottom and a short-string receptacle with J-lugs on the opposite side

A short-string latch with J-slots on the bottom and short-string connection threads on the top.

The anchor is run above a production packer. After the packer is set, the second string is run with the short string latch at the bottom. When the anchor is contacted and the latch located, the short string can then be landed in tension, compression, or neutral – as appropriate.

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