KT-2 On/Off Tool Product Link Icon

The KT-2 On/Off Tool is designed to be run with the KS1-XW Packer to allow the removal of the tubing string without affecting the packer. The bonded seal in the On/Off Tool allows isolation at the packer.


  • Rugged bonded seal allows multiple connections
  • Stingers available with or without profiles
  • May be shear pinned for secure running using shear screws (1168DC)

KTC Tension Unloader Product Link Icon

Innovex’s KTC Tension Unloader provides a means of equalizing differential pressure after completing squeeze cementing or other remedial work below a packer.

When run above a tension-set squeeze packer, the Tension Unloader will remain open going in or out of the well due to an internal friction device. The tension used to set the packer will also close the unloader and permit pressure work below the packer.

The Tension Unloader can be opened by setting sufficient weight on the packer to overcome the internal friction device. Resistance to closing or opening can easily be adjusted in the field, from a minimum of zero to a maximum of approximately 12,000 lbs.


Locking Compression Unloader Product Link Icon

The Locking Compression Unloader provides a means of equalizing differential pressure after completing squeeze cementing or other remedial work below a compression set packer, such as the Innovex CPW Retrievable Squeeze Packer.

When the packer is set during squeezing or treating operations, the unloader is automatically locked closed (manual locking available) and cannot be pumped open. The valve may be opened (and manually locked open) at any time to allow circulation above the packer.

Several J-slot configurations, including left-hand or right-hand operation, are available with this unloader. The lock-closed position can be automatic or manual.


Mechanical Collar Locator Product Link Icon

Innovex’s Mechanical Collar Locator provides a means of precisely locating casing collars while running tubing.

It can be made up in the tubing string at any point and oriented to indicate collar locations while running in or out of the well.

The body of the Mechanical Collar Locator is constructed of high-strength alloy steel and is of sufficient length to re-cut both box and pin threads several times.The locator blocks are carburized for long wear.

The Innovex Mechanical Collar Locator is available in a special sand control version.This option is intended for use in heavy sand environments where there is a possibility of sand getting under the blocks and limiting their compression range.


Circulating Tubing Swivel Product Link Icon

The Circulating Tubing Swivel minimizes friction to ease rotation and reduce the possibility of backing off the top collar.

The Tubing Swivel allows surface connections to remain in place while the tubing string rotates or moves vertically. In addition to providing a lifting point for the elevators located above a high-capacity thrust bearing, these swivels also permit one or two connections for discharge or flow lines. A single flow connection that runs transverse to the tubing axis is normally provided.

Wireline tools may be run through the Tubing Swivel by substituting the standard handling sub with a hollow handling sub.

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