Auto-Fill Float Valves

Innovex’s Ball-Activated Dual Flapper Valve Auto-Fill Float Equipment reduces surge pressure and casing running time by allowing displaced well bore fluids to flow into the casing while running-in-hole.

Running a dual auto-fill valve float collar above one or more joints of casing with a large bore guide shoe reduces the volume of cuttings and solids that can accumulate above the valves and potentially block circulation.

The long auto-fill tubes protect the flappers from debris and erosion while running-in-hole, circulating, and conversion. With the Type 735/745-FB Float Collar, the drop ball can be released into the casing from the surface and circulated to the float collar for conversion to hold back pressure.

With the Type 735/745-AB Float Collar, the ball is retained within a cage above the valves for immediate conversion when circulation is started at any inclination.