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The Logan Surface Bumper Jar is used whenever the downhole drilling, fishing, or washover running string becomes stuck and requires a heavy downward force to release it. It is often used to free key seated drill pipe and drill collars, and initiate sharp jarring blows down the string to actuate drilling bumper subs, bumper safety joints, and other similar downhole bumping tools. It is also useful for transmitting heavy downward impact to release embedded grappling tools. Because it is intermittently used only on the surface to release a stuck fish, this tool has an extended service life when compared to conventional bumper subs.

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The Logan Lubricated Fishing Bumper Sub is a dependable accessory that is suitable for all fishing operations, especially harsh, downhole applications, and deep workover operations. It can also meet the demands of tools that require sharp, sustained bumping action to actuate or release them. The tool enables the operator to release the fishing tool in the event it becomes impossible to pull the fish. It can provide the necessary impact in either direction and deliver the required torque.

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The Bumper Sub’s design always allows full torque and unrestricted fluid circulation. The Logan Fishing Bumper Sub can bump up or down to engage or disengage overshots or spears or be used as a feed-off tool in milling or cutting operations. Other typical operations include releasing stuck drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, test tools, and safety joints. The fishing bumper sub can be used in conjunction with an overshot or spear.

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