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T750 Sub-Surface Release (SSR) cementing plug system is a dual plug, dart released wiper plug system that provides operators with a method of carrying out cementing operations from surface with plugs installed at the sea floor.

The T750 cementing plug set is installed into the top joint of a casing string and lowered by drillpipe until the correct depth is reached. The well can now be circulated before cementing operations.

The bottom plug is released ahead of the cement by a wiper dart pumped down the drillstring.

After all the cement has been pumped, the top wiper dart is launched from the surface to wipe the drill pipe ID and release the top plug. The drill pipe dart lands in the top plug and shears it away from the hanger and it is pumped down the casing while wiping the casing until it lands on top of the bottom plug, sealing off the casing string.

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600 Series Product Link Icon

With premium build quality, Innovex cementing wiper plugs give you the confidence that whatever you seal, will stay sealed. When properly placed, the 600 Series plugs removes the risk of downtime due re-cementing caused by failed plugs.

610/615 Top And Bottom Plug Product Link Icon

The Series 610 Top Plugs are conventional plugs with plastic cores that can be drilled out with PDC and conventional drill bits. They feature a standard profile that is compatible with any float equipment that has a flat landing surface. Our 615 Bottom Plugs feature a multiple fin design that allows for efficient wiping and sealing. It can be used with any flat-surface float equipment, due to its standard profile construction.

Latch In Plug System (HPHT) Product Link Icon

The ratchet latch system allows multiple bottom plugs to be run and latched into each other and into compatible Innovex float equipment. Our latch-in plugs can withstand high plug bump and back- pressures and precision high pressure rupture discs allow the plugs to run through restrictions without premature rupture.

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