Standard Float Valves

305/315 Float Shoe Product Link Icon

Innovex Float Shoes and Float Collars utilize the proven High Flow (HFX) Plunger Valve for applications where high flow rates, abrasive LCM materials and/or extended flow rates are encountered.  All valves have HNBR coated Phenolic plungers for good wear resistance and optimum sealing of the valve.  The Innovex HFX valve can be configured to work as a straight check valve or may be ordered with the auto-fill option, which allows for filling of the casing during run in operations. The 305 Series is available in 2-1/2" valve size and the 315 Series is available in 3" valve size - and have been tested to API Specification 10F.

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The 340 Float Shoe is used to bump cement wiper plugs and provide an additional barrier against U-tubing, allowing for contaminated cement to be trapped within casing. The 350 Series Float Collar's optimized spring force allows the dart to seat on a protective retainer cup while flowing, and ensures sealing even in low pressure and horizontal well conditions. All valves have HNBR coated Phenolic plungers for good wear resistance and optimum sealing of the valve.  The HFX family of valves can be stacked when dual-valve configurations are required and have been tested to API Specification 10F.

701/731 HPHT Float Shoe & Collar Product Link Icon

The 701 Series Float Shoe utilizes an aluminum plunger valve that is capable of withstanding extreme well conditions, like pressures up to 10,000 psi and 400°F in hydraulic fracturing. It can be outfitted with ports and various types of noses to suit different applications. Featuring an integrated latch-down profile for matching plugs capable of withstanding 10,000 psi bump pressure, the 731 Series Float Collar is a truly tough piece of float equipment. An erosion-free plunger ensures a positive seal even after 24 hours of circulation at 10 BPM.

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Innovex’s Ball-Activated Dual Flapper Valve Auto-Fill Float Equipment reduces surge pressure and casing running time by allowing displaced well bore fluids to flow into the casing while running-in-hole.

Running a dual auto-fill valve float collar above one or more joints of casing with a large bore guide shoe reduces the volume of cuttings and solids that can accumulate above the valves and potentially block circulation.

The long auto-fill tubes protect the flappers from debris and erosion while running-in-hole, circulating, and conversion. With the Type 735/745-FB Float Collar, the drop ball can be released into the casing from the surface and circulated to the float collar for conversion to hold back pressure.

With the Type 735/745-AB Float Collar, the ball is retained within a cage above the valves for immediate conversion when circulation is started at any inclination.

735 Small-Bore Auto-Fill Double Valve [SBAF]
735 Mid-Bore Auto-Fill Double Valve [MBAF]
745 Large-Bore Auto-Fill Double Valve [LBAF]


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Type 537 and 567 BigBORE Auto-Fill Float Collars allow for automatic fill from bottom while casing is being run in the hole. The valve is run in hole fully open which allows the casing to completely fill.

The filling action reduces casing running time and minimizes surge pressures on formations. The valve is converted to a conventional check valve by dropping a ball and pressuring up to release the upper flapper. Until the conversion ball has been dropped, the casing can be circulated at any time without affecting the fill-up operation.

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